Girly matters?

One of my favorite childhood pictures is one of me with two other girls on Easter. We’re all wearing frilly white dresses: the two girls beside me are sparkly-eyed with hair perfectly curled and smiles to match.  I’m scowling in the middle with pin straight hair in my face and shoulders slumped.

Yep. Girly matters.

Even back then I hated girly matters.  I was never into dresses, the color pink, or puppy stuffed animals that would wag its tail and bark.  Instead, I liked climbing trees, collecting earthworms, and playing football with my neighborhood friends.

This didn’t make me any less of a girl, just less girly.

Of course, it took me years to realize that.  So many times I wondered if God forgot to sprinkle extra girl-dust on me that would magically make my eyelashes curl, waist slim down, and clothing perfectly fit (a la Anne Hathaway’s Prada & Princess transformations). I was dying to know: would a perfect life come with the perfect looks like it seemed with all the other girls?

I’ve now realized, that perfect looks do NOT equal a great life. This sounds silly and obvious, but tell that to the 12 year-old in you who still secretly believes that girls don’t “run the world”, PRETTY girls do. Hence our need to be perfect…or at least, LOOK the part.

Girl matters.

I’m hoping that this blog will be a place where we can throw out the perfect and embrace the REAL things that we share as sisters –  past the appearances and into the heart.


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