A Red Sea-sized miracle

As Thanksgiving approaches, I’m reminiscing about past Thanksgiving holidays, particularly the ones back when I was in college. I remember feeling a mix of emotions:  excitement for a break from school, the fusion Thanksgiving feast with turkey, stuffing, rice and kimchee (Korean pickled radish), extra sleep… mixed with dread of the same old lectures about my GPA, why med school is my best and onlyoption, and how I spent too much time at church. (I know, crazy, right? What parents complain that their kids go to church?!)With the luxury of hindsight, I look back and see how my relationship with my parents has come such a long way. If ‘present me’ traveled back in time and told ‘past me’ that our relationship would be what it is now, I would have laughed. ‘Past me’ thought that changing my parents was ten times harder than parting the Red Sea and walking on water, combined!

But over the years, God has truly done a miraculous work both in my parents and also in me. Somehow, He has taught them to release their control over my life and entrust my path to God, and He’s taught me how to see things through their eyes, especially now that I have a child of my own. I never thought that we could find ourselves on the same page, but the God of the Red Sea, the God who walked on water, has pulled another trick out of his sleeve.  In the words of my husband, “Yay God!”


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