My husband is starting a company [insert shameless plug here: check out!!!], and we just had a ‘company Thanksgiving dinner.’ As I sat around the table with this group of incredibly hard-working, creative, talented people, I felt an overwhelming sense of privilege.  I felt privileged:
1) To be a lifelong partner to my passionate, entrepeneur of a husband: we are complete opposites in so many ways. I would never be able to experience the adventure of starting a company if I didn’t marry into it.  He’s pulled me onto a rollercoaster ride, and there’s no getting off.
2) To witness the dedication and unity of this team, and to be a part, even if it means that my role as a full-time mom means opening my home to them and filling them with food and coffee so that they can keep on designing, programming, networking, envisioning.
3) To be able to live and work for things that we are actually passionate about. I confess, I can’t take credit for this one; Jeremy, one of the team members, mentioned this one.
Privilege…may I never lose it!

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