It’s decision time

There’s been a blogpost brewing in my head for awhile. It’s about something that most people can’t live without, something that has invaded the lives of millions around the world.  I was literally a day away from drafting something up when I ran across this article:

This was my article!!! Some stranger from who-knows-where just got into my head!  We might as well slap my name on top and substitute the word ‘infant son’ anywhere she refers to her ‘infant daughter.’

So, what delayed me from writing my article?  I had a dilemma: I didn’t know what action I should take (if any) once I publicly voiced my opinions. Could I, with clear conscience, stay active on Facebook after I publish these thoughts? Or would my conscience compel me to call it quits?

After reading the article once, I was ready to press ‘delete’ or ‘deactivate’ or however Facebook allows you to cut the cord.  After reading some of people’s comments and responses below the article, I started to chicken out. After reading the article twice, I was re-inspired to walk away. As I started typing my own post, I chickened out again when I realized the great irony: I found this inspirational article on (dun dun dun…) Facebook.  Fear set in: where am I going to find inspiring content if not from Facebook feeds?  How am I going to keep in touch with people halfway around the world?  What am I going to do?

Let me pause here and give one important disclaimer: I don’t want anyone to feel judged if they continue to stay active on Facebook. If you ever run into me, don’t feel like you have to hide the fact that you are a Facebook fanatic. We each have our different personal strengths and struggles, and what helps or hinders our spiritual health and growth differs from person to person.

As for me, I’m still mulling over what action I should take. I’ll give myself a deadline to make a decision before the sparkly ball drops at midnight.

  1. Angie L said:

    No no no! You must not leave facebook. How else will I get darling pictures of your little one????

    • You can stay fb friends with my better half for baby updates and truApp propaganda. 🙂

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