We are a group of women from Harvest Mission Community Church, here to share our daily experiences and thoughts with you. Whether it’s shuttling kids to soccer games, chasing around a crawling baby, engaging our coworkers at work, or juggling schoolwork with ministry and friends, we will try to offer a Biblical perspective on all sorts of girl matters.

Christina Kim 

What I do: Domestic Engineer

Places I like: Hmmm…depends on my mood

Food I love: Southeast Asian Cuisine

On a free Saturday morning, you’ll find me: Spending time with my family

Diana Jhin

What I do: I’m a student studying Christian Education at Moody

Places I like: Peaks with great views of the city, great running trails, museums

Food I love: meat, pizza rolls, spicy rice cakes (korean dish aka “ddukbokki”)

On a free Saturday morning, you’ll find me: sleeping, looking for good dance videos on youtube, trying to prove my athleticism to myself

Esther Suhyoung Lee

What I do: Marketing & Communications for U-M

Places I like: Big cities!

Food I love: I love any seafood or noodle dish, no matter what type of cuisine it might be. It’s always an amazing experience to try a new dish from a different part of the world that use these two ingredients! Anything that’s fresh is always a plus in my book- and that includes my daily cup (or two) of coffee!

On a free Saturday morning, you’ll find me: enjoying a cup of coffee over brunch with friends or a good book

Julie Lee

What I do: employed full-time by my son, Joshua; lifelong sidekick to my husband, Moses

Places I like: Coffee shops, Ann Arbor, Chicago, anywhere overseas

Food I love: my mom’s Korean cooking, Zingerman’s, Japanese and Vietnamese cuisine

On a free Saturday morning, you’ll find me: at home, making brunch with my hubby and rolling around the floor with my son, who especially likes crawling on my face

Nicole Jun

What I do: Full-time mom

Places I like: Our home, a well air-conditioned mall, the Arboretum (Ann Arbor)

Food I love: Anything Indonesian wrapped in a banana leaf; good sambal; pho; authentic tacos with salsa & guacamole

On a free Saturday morning, you’ll find me: Without kids??….At home reading a good book with a cup of coffee

Tina Kim

What I do: Lecturer at Universitas Pelita Harapan (Indonesia)

Places I like: Restaurants/cafes with great ambience- totally makes my day. I also enjoy my room, especially when it’s clean and the sun is shining through.

Food I love: I really love to eat anything and everything. I’m embarrassed to even admit that I’m more of a “quantity over quality” kind of eater. On any given day, I crave anything from a burrito, chicken schawarma, Korean galbi, to soto ayam and ayam bakar!

On a free Saturday morning, you’ll find me: Trying to catch a “tan” by walking/jogging around my neighborhood. After that, you might find me at a cafe reading and catching up on emails

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