I know I already posted a funny boy/girl pie chart.  And I do NOT want to become “THAT girl” who only posts about relationships and guy/girl drama. But I cannot NOT post this.

Some disclaimers:

  1. This video was NOT created by a Christian organization (so call off your “Christians hate relationships!” protest)
  2. This video may or may not be statistically true (but as of now, 9,605 people “like” it)
  3. This video is hilarious and once again, says something about the nature of women

I am not endorsing the fact that men and women cannot or should not be friends.  But I think there are some things that stand out that I think we as women should consider:

  1. Are our relationships with men honoring to God and also, honoring to them?
  2. Why do these relationships appeal to us?  What do we gain from them?
  3. When we want something (friendship, relationship, career, etc), do we make up our own rules of right and wrong – just so that we can get our way? (Regardless of how it may affect other people?)
  4. Does our insecurity play any part to how tightly we hold onto our relationships?

I’ve definitely had my fair share of “guy friendships” go awry. My once defensive and naive position of “we’re just friends” has quickly gone out the window along with my “there’s NOOOO way anything would ever happen” motto.  Many times, I was either fooling myself about how I felt or how he felt. While I’m definitely no expert at friendship (with guy or girl), I do know that every relationship needs a lot of humility, honesty and honor.