When I lived in the United States, I used to associate weather with what activities I can do outside for the day (take a trip to the park, go for a run, etc). Since I’ve moved to Indonesia, I have made a new association with weather. LAUNDRY. When it’s a sunny day, I instantly think about how many loads I need to wash and whether I have enough drying rack space to dry all my laundry for the day. When it’s a rainy day, I gloomily think about my laundry that is piling up and then anticipate the next day’s weather.

When I hang my laundry, I often think about my friend who had lived overseas for a number of years. About a month before coming to Indonesia, I was telling her about my woes about not having a clothes dryer in Indonesia, but she assured me that she learned to love drying her laundry without a dryer for the following reasons: it’s green; it saves money; and it makes clothes last longer.  I gawked at her as I thought about the crunchy towels and the stiff clothes I’d have to put on my children. I dreaded the time it was going to take to hang every article of wet clothing as opposed to just throwing everything in the dryer. However, as I have gotten accustomed to life here, I realize that my friend was right and I was just being a narrow-minded drama queen. Actually, hanging laundry is now strangely quite soothing to me. Each morning as I’m hanging my laundry, I have about ten minutes of alone time (even if I’m not completely alone as my son runs around), when I can enjoy the morning air, hang laundry, say hello to neighbors and, most importantly, thank God for teaching me that what I knew as the best way of life was not necessarily the best.  And then I wonder: what are some other habits or perceptions I have that need to be changed for the better?  I’ll keep thinking…gotta go hang some laundry!

      My sophomore year in college!

Who are my friends? Have you ever asked this question before? I did during my senior year in college. It was a time when my friends and I were figuring out what we were going to do after college and where we would be located. I knew that our futures would take us on different paths, so it made me wonder who I would stay in touch with.

The Barna Group asked women to identify conditions that would create a desirable life and three-quarters of U.S. women (75%) said that having close, personal friendships was one.

This desire for close, personal friendships and what it looked like were things I began to think about in my senior year of college. While the majority of my friends left the campus and relocated, I decided to stay on my campus and make it my home until God called me elsewhere. It was during this time that I began to better understand biblical friendships.

 Aside from learning that (1) before I can have Christ-centered relationships, Jesus needs to be the center of my life, (2) biblical friendships must be built on a different set of blue prints…i.e. the Bible, and (3) I have to be intentional to build up my friendships, (4) I have learned that friendships come in all shapes and sizes. It doesn’t matter if they are older, younger, passing friends or friends for a long period of time; I’m learning that each relationship God brings is His way of blessing and refining me.

The writers of the girlmatters blog are some friendships that come in all shapes and sizes. I probably would not have built a friendship with them if we didn’t serve in ministry together. I’m thankful for them and for the ways they support and encourage me to love God more. C. S. Lewis said, “Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art… It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things that give value to survival.”

As I’m getting older (turned 40 this year!), I’m realizing how valuable women friendships are, especially as we face challenges and difficulties of life. I hope you are all building Christ-centered friendships and opening your hearts to receive those friendships that come in different shapes and sizes. I’d love to hear what you have been learning about Christ-centered friendships!

We are excited to use our blog to address girl matters affecting us on a daily basis.

Our hope is for ladies to think and live biblically in light of a changing society. Changes are always occurring, whether good or bad, but we know that God is the same yesterday, today, and forevermore (Hebrews 13:8) and does not change.

The contributors to our blog consist of ladies from the various HMCC (Harvest Mission Community Church) sites. We bring to the blog our different personalities, experiences, and writing styles, but one thing we all share in common is our love for Jesus Christ and our call to follow Him.

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